Environment, Health & Safety‎

ADT’s objective is to promote a working environment where health, safety and environmental awareness are fundamental parts of the corporate culture. The health and safety of employees, contractors, clients, visitors, and the local communities affected by ADT activities is a key priority.

Employees are responsible for maintaining predetermined health and safety standards and conduct daily “toolbox talks” to assess risks and prevent accidents. ADT continues to drive down the environmental risks and impacts of operations by reducing waste, emissions and discharges and by using energy as efficiently as possible.

ADT is committed to:
- Prevention of injury and ill health
- Promoting good health and safety performance as being critical to the overall success of the business
- Continued improvement of EH&S management and performance
- Compliance with applicable legal requirements

ADT believes happy and healthy employees provide the best results. All employees and contractors are provided with camp facilities when in the field. The camps provide spacious tents for housing, vehicles to run errands, fuel, generator, well-stocked kitchen with company chef, satellite TV, security, laundry and ablution services.