We offer short domestic and long cross-border transportation of loose, oil and containerized (20ft and 40ft) local and transit cargo from inland loading points or from the port city of Mombasa, Kenya. In addition, we provide overland transportation of over-sized and /or abnormal cargo, sourcing all relevant permits.

To support our business and the major trading hubs in the region, we have a substantial logistics portfolio and access to a range of logistics, storage and investment capabilities.

Our customers come from a broad base of industries, such as the Construction materials, Non-governmental organisations, Power generation, Oil and Food sectors. We maintain long-term commercial relationships with our cargo owners. To achieve this, we focus on providing excellent service through effective supply chain management and handling the different specific needs for our cargo owners.


Comprehensive insurance is held for all trucks and equipment. Goods In Transit insurance for the convenience of customer’s, where necessary. Our Insurance claims ratio is one of the lowest vs. the industry.

GPS Tracking

Our technology is built by ADT employees for our customer’s supply chain to bring faster, more meaningful improvements to their businesses.

  • Our track and trace facility for its customers whereby the goods are monitored from loading to discharge destination.
We have enhancements for contract routes including:                                       
  • 90 day trip history playback covering vehicle locations, speeds, working times, start / stop locations.
  • Geo-zoning & speed zones capability (virtual fencing & speed limits).
  • Eco-drive monitoring (over speeding, harsh braking/acceleration, excessive idling, night time driving, seat belt usage, unauthorized door opening alerts).
  • Driver ID’s / warning buzzers.
  • Comprehensive Events alerts (eco-drive monitoring alerts), system generated vehicle & driver analytics reports.


We accept the fact that our business is based on an activity that generates carbon emissions and therefore we are committed to through effective supply chain management to reduce those emissions overtime. We focus on maximising backhaul freight volumes so trucks are rarely moving back to origin with empty loads. We also promote energy efficiencies through adopting their technologies that improve fuel efficiency of our operations while concurrently reducing emissions. These include dynamic maintenance regimes, up to date management systems, tyres technologies and auxiliary power units.

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