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Geotechnical Drilling
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Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigation‎

As part of the construction process, geotechnical drilling is a type drilling that is mainly for structures such as buildings, oil rigs/development, roads, ports and infrastructure or as part of the investigation process carried out on site prior to construction.

The geotechnical expertise at ADT Africa allows engineering design teams to develop cost-effective and practical solutions for each project relating to groundwater, soil, or rock.

Collectively, our team has upwards of 15 years of experience in geotechnical engineering work and reporting. Our goal is to increase safety, provide mobility, and promote economic development while maintaining and respecting the environment.

Among the services offered by ADT Africa include:

Onshore and offshore borehole drilling
Our extensive fleet of drilling and support equipment enables us to provide a comprehensive range of field drilling services both on land and on water.

Our various experience includes geotechnical and geophysical investigations for one of the largest projects by value in East Africa, the construction of the Bukasa Port on Lake Victoria, Uganda.

Standard Penetration Testing
The Standard Penetration Test is an in-situ penetration test that provides an indication on the soil bearing capacity and consistency. The test involves driving a standard split-barrel sampler a distance of 450 mm into the soil at the bottom of the boring using a 63.5-kg driving hammer falling "free" from a height of 760 mm.

During the test, the number of blows for the three increments each 150mm penetration shall be recorded. The total number of blows for the last two 150mm penetration shall be recorded as the field SPT –N value.

Materials Testing and Inspection Services
ADT Africa’s team of experienced inspection professionals has a thorough understanding of construction methods, enabling them to provide expert guidance on both new construction projects and existing buildings.

Our Materials testing and inspection include:
- Materials Evaluation
- Concrete Testing and Inspection
- Soil Testing and Inspection

Geophysical for Mineral Exploration
We also offer a variety of non-drilling services, including survey equipment supply and hire, experienced surveyors, on-site geologist support, containerized core boxes, sample stores and racking for sale or hire, plus a variety of other functions designed to support any exploration or geotechnical programme in the region. ADT owns equipment for Mineral Exploration projects includes GDD Induced Polarisation (IP) Equipment, Magnetics Equipment and an XRF Gun.